Thursday, February 28, 2008

My cupcakes designed 2007

Few cupcakes patern designed!

My mum's birthday 24 Feb 2007

Ordered a cake from my RNet friend Mamazieza - Orange Cake...mmm yummy... got to know my mum love orange cake... Took her for lunch at EQ.... she loves the sotong kangkong

Happy 61st birthday Mum! Love u always!!!

Nurul syafeza's Birthday 2nd Aug 2007

On my niece 5th birthday last year...I prepared this cake...just a simple one... use the conneto container to steam the cake with love shape...then combine...furnished with simple decoration..

celebrate with her, just me, my husband, her mum, her dad and her long she was happy...

My sister's husbands' Birthday 10th. Oct 2007

And this was made to my sister's Husbands' birthday, special request.

A simple one... just buttercream and flow the chocolate ganache on top. Very the rich with chocs. Inside again Roha's Chocholate Cake recepi.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Neighbour's Daughter Engagement

This was the Engagement Cake make for my neighbour's daughter. Blue concept.
Cake inside is Roha's Chocolate Cake. The story behind the finishing is that the buttercreame that I used was a balance or left over. Just covered the topping with blue, design the borders with white choc beads and decorates or design the rest with the balance cream...

luckily I managed to cover the rought surface with the names design later!!

Cousin's Mariage Cake

This is my first own made decorated cake make during my cousin's mariage day. Long journey from Penang to Sempadan Siam. Luckily the buttercream last and stays. I was so worried. Every stops...I keep on watching on the cake where I placed it at the car boot behind. Tell me who didn't get worried... and further more it was so sunny day...very hot...long journey..

Cousin's Wedding Cake (Ruzaini)

This is the cake that I baked for my cousin's wedding (per her request to be in green color) last year 2007. It was an immegency baking.

(19th Feb08) Create my own blog

Today (19th Feb08) I create my own blog. In this blog I'll put every single thing that come accross, especially on my cookings and bakings.