Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Megawani's Bday, 16th June09

Held a suprprise bday gathering for my sister-in-law, Megawani, on her 40th Bday at PJ Cafe, Pulau Jerjak Island jetty on 16th June09, 8.30pm. This small party was arranged by my small niece Syafiqah who managed to keep the secret till that night. My brother request me to baked a cake for his wife (a two days ahead request). So on Sunday(14th) night baked the cake. It's a marble chocolate and strawberry paste cake (originated from the orange cake that i paste before). Decorated with Baker's topping whip cream on the 15th. night and completed at 1.00am Luckily every things needed was in my fridge. During the decoration, my hubby keep on reminding me to decorate it as simple as possible, not too messy. I kept the decorated cake freeze and delivered it on the 16th night itself. You know what...I found it easy using this whipped cream (which need to be blended at max speed, just for 10 minutes) in preparation and decoration. And one more thing is that my hubby for the first time like the cake taste which goes well with the Baker's topping whipped cream. I didn't add any icing sugar to it - have the original taste. And when you eat the cool cream yummy!! Me too like the taste. Probably this is going to be my easy way of icing the cake in future... it's just a costing concern...slightly expensive. But never mind as long as the taste turn out to be yummy!!.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Syuhada Birthday, 3rd June09

Baked this cake ordered by my officemate on 5th June09 for her daughter's Birthday that falls on 3rd June09. Double celebration together with father's day. A simple decorated cake with asam flake and ganached. As usual inside is steamed choc cake. Happy Birthday Syuhada Arobi(the sweet girl in the photo)