Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chilled Cheese Cake

Last week make Chilled Cheese Cake. Very easy.
This receipe was given by a Chinese friend.
Here it is:

250 gm butter - melted
250 gm Merry Biscuit - crunch/blend it and mix with the melted butter - this is for the base

250 thicked cream - beat it till ticken and put aside
250gm taratula cheese - beat with sugar till combined
100 gm custor sugar
then mix in the beaten ticked cream

melt double boil mixture 20gm gelatin and 60 ml water
once the gelatin is well melted mix into the cheese mixture.

Pour onto the base, mix in with 100gm blueberry / strawberry jem.
Tara....... done!!!
Then chilled it in the fridge - 1 hr
Then walla...taste it cooling and melting in your throat!!!.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Manisan Air Mata Kucing AloeVera

I make this drink (Manisan Air Mata Kucing AloeVera) after my fasting break on 6th. Oct09
It is using the Buah MataKucing + Aloevera + Rock sugar + water
Looks detail how it works.