Friday, April 24, 2009

My Birthday on 15th April09

*On my bday, during lunch close my officemate treat me at Secret Recepi Queensbay...mmm yummy had that fish, cakes, etc..
*In the evening, My niece Nurul came over to my house and hold a short bday celebration...she brought a cake (a gift from her son, shahrin) , a gift cloth suit and tudung from her daughter (umairah).
*At night after my tuisyen class, had dinner with hubby, nurul and husband and syahrin...we had ikan bakar...etc I'm really full the whole day !!
*And guess what...from my 1200 midnight receive a wish and kiss on the forehead...before going to work he kiss me again on the forehead... and the best part he treats me to Bali...all on him...accept the the flight (ha ha ha)....
* Not to forget the wishes I've recieved which bless me from morning till the next day...
Thanks to every one!!!

My nephew's Bday - Sofyan Shazli 9th April09

Make an immegency cake to my nephew on his birthday 9th. april09, but delivered on the 12th. April to his hostel MRSM Balik Pulau by his mum. As usual the cake is Chocolate cake..coated with Tulip Chocolate....balance of the chocolate topping I mixed with cornflake and put in a cupcake..drops with almond nips.... taraaaa.... that's it... a simple one... hope he likes it.