Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Marble Mint Butter Cake

Bake this marble mint cake for testing.
Outcome not bad. Texture smooth.
1 butter (250g)
3/4 cwn gula custor
6 butir telur (biasanya 5 biji telur)
½ cb ovellate
1 cb susu manis
2 cwn tepung naik sendiri
1 penutup esen vanila (next time tak nak letak - kurang pulak terasa mint)
1 st emulco
5 titis pewarna hijau apple
1 penutup perisa mint

1. Pukul butter dan gula hingga kembang keputihan
2. Masukkan ovellate
3. masukkan telur satu persatu
4. masukkan susu + vanila
5. masukkan tepung kek sedikit demi sedikit
6. Asingkan kepada 2 bahagian
1 bahagian di campurkan dengan chocolate emulco
1 bahagian di warnakan dengan pewarna hijau(apple) + perisa mint
7. Marblekan selang seli setiap warna 2 camca besar,
letakkan chocolate emulco terlebih dahulu di tengah tin pembakar, diikuti warna hijau
Diakhiri dengan warna emulco.
8. Bakar pada suhu 180C selama 1 jam (ikut oven masing2)

Western Food on Trial

Cook this Western Food for my nieces last Friday, 19th Mac10.
Cook Rosemary Chicken, Fried Chicken, Coleslaw, whipped potato and wedges.

Sofia Syahira Bday, 24th Mac2010

Ordered this cc from Balqis midnitecake of Taiping, in short notice of 2 days. Luckily accepted and delivered to my niece Sofia Syahira on her 17th. Bday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2U IRA!!!! mmmuah!!
The cake inside are chocholate and orange flavour. Hope she likes it. Do you Ira?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fancy Cookies Class - 6th Mac2010

Attended this Fancy Cookies Class on 6th Mac2010 at PG CakeCentral. Glad to know new friends here...Hamidah, Kelly, July, and sorry can't recall another two friend's name.
Learn how to bake cookies for decoration. Prepare the glaze and the fondant to decorate on top of the cookies. Though tiring (from 10am - 6pm) but really enjoyed the class.
A lot of new things recovered from this class, including the shares of infos and tips. From bottom of the heart, thanks to Instructor Pn. Zareena who puts so much effort and patient with us and the rest participants companients. Happy Go Lucky and Cheerful Class ha!!! We really had fun!!

Birthday Ummairah, 25th Feb2010 - 1yr

Make this B'day cake to my granddaughter Nur Ummairah on her 1st year Birthday.
Inside is strawberry cake, with freshcream and decorated with jelly and chocolate and gumpaste flower.
Just a simple one!