Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mum's 63 B'day 24th Feb09

On mum's birthday, baked her a simple plain marble cake from the orange cake recepi posted before. Baked the cake on 23rd evening. Do some decorations flowers - roses using rolled fondant. Ganache the cake with chocolate. Decorate the cake on 24th 7.00am and delivered to her on her birthday early morning.. 8.15am. Took her out, had lunch, visit bazzar - bought her tudung Jorat.. then in the everning she cooked fied fine noodles (bee hoon).. and she cuts the cake. A simple and yet a memorable occation.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Orange Cake - my cousin Norizan's recepi

Make this orange cake on monday, 10th. Stop steaming cake for a while, as got a new tool (oven) from my mum. Starting that day start baking cake using the oven...actually to test whether the works or not...after being kept inside my car booth for a week and assemble for another two weeks... Luckily the baking works.

Here's the Orange cake recepi:

9 oz custor sugar
1 bar buttercup
¼ tea spoon ovellete

6 eggs

10½ oz Raising Flour (I used blue key brand)

2 table spoon condense milk
¼ cup plain water
(mix them together)

Orange zest from 2 oranges
Take a little bit of flour from C, mix with the zest
Orange juice from 1 orange

1. Beat A till it smooth and the mixture change colour to creamy whitish
2. Add B - one by one
3. Add C and D alternately
4. Lastly add E.
5. Bake at 190 Celcius about 1½ hours(depending on your oven)
Good Luck!!
To me it taste not too sweet...very yummy!!!