Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nurul Akma's Wedding Cake 26th Dec09

Make this Layer Wedding Cake for my cousin Nurul Akma on her big day, 26th Dec'09.

Theme is purple, inside make 2 type of cake: strawberry cake and Chocolate Emulco taste. Icing used is Krimwell and icing sugar combination. Took me 1½ days - 1 day baking and ½ day decorating/icing (9pm till midnight)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

3-in-1 Birthday Cake

Decorate this cake for my niece(NorAishah - 9th Nov), nephew (Safwan - 30th Nov) and brother's (Suhaimi - 2 Dec) birthday, celebrated on Hari Raya Qurban (Idul Adha) 2009 - 27th Nov09. It was an emergency request from my sister. I was working the day before, so could not bake the cake. So immediately ordered a carrot cake from Kak Faridah in the morning, pick up at 3.00pm and managed to simply decorate it in yellow tone at night. I used Fresh Cream...Tara...that's it..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chilled Cheese Cake

Last week make Chilled Cheese Cake. Very easy.
This receipe was given by a Chinese friend.
Here it is:

250 gm butter - melted
250 gm Merry Biscuit - crunch/blend it and mix with the melted butter - this is for the base

250 thicked cream - beat it till ticken and put aside
250gm taratula cheese - beat with sugar till combined
100 gm custor sugar
then mix in the beaten ticked cream

melt double boil mixture 20gm gelatin and 60 ml water
once the gelatin is well melted mix into the cheese mixture.

Pour onto the base, mix in with 100gm blueberry / strawberry jem.
Tara....... done!!!
Then chilled it in the fridge - 1 hr
Then walla...taste it cooling and melting in your throat!!!.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Manisan Air Mata Kucing AloeVera

I make this drink (Manisan Air Mata Kucing AloeVera) after my fasting break on 6th. Oct09
It is using the Buah MataKucing + Aloevera + Rock sugar + water
Looks detail how it works.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My own Bread Baking, 26th July09

Tried out my own bread baking from the lesson that retrieved from the bread baking class. Make all sorts of shapes. This round add the recepi of baking the mexican bun... doesn't turn out the coating melted and suppose to wait for the bread to raise double..but it doesn't happen. with my mum's advice..she told me that it will raise once i put in the oven. She was right. Luckily the bread raised and turn out superb. Feedback receive...though the mexican bun coating doesn't meet expectation but it taste superb.

3rd Tart Project : Chocolate Tart

Ini pulak projek tart yang ke-3. Kali ini buat guna jem nenas dan chocolate. Buat untuk makan dan testing untuk order raya.

Decorated Biscuit Project

This is the project that I did with my niece Syafeqah and her mum (my sis in law) megawani..decorated biscuit. Wow! I appreciate their assisstant. Syafeqah really went through the hard work of cutting the biscuit base. She completed the whole process. Aha...I'll hire her to be my assisstant or project partner in future. I baked this biscuit for my niece Nur Syafezah's birthday on the 2nd Aug09.

NOTE: Something is not rigth with the marringue as it sticks like a rubber band that exposed to hot sun. when checked back with RNet friend, notice that the recipe I used excluded the corn floor.

Here's the recipe.

sumber: ahli RNet
150 gr marjerin
150gr butter
200 gr icing sugar
4 btr kuning telur
500gr tepung gandum/cookies
1 tbsp corn flour
1 tsp vanilla /mocca pasta/coffe pasta/beberapa titik cinnamon flavour (utk ginger)
Cara Membuat :
Mixer butter/marjerin dgn icing sugar sampai lembut,putih dan kembang, masukkan merah telur.mixer lagi sampai tercampur rata, masukkan tepung gandum, cornflour dan vanilla , uli sampai sebati, uli sampai tidak melekat lagi ditangan.gilas dan cetak adunan
50 ml putih telur
250 gr icing sugar
½ tsp cuka /vinegar/lemon juice
mixer putih telur, masukan icing sugar sedikit-sedikit, sambil terus dimixer slow, masukan cuka atau air lemon, mixer rata. Masukan dalam piping bag,tambahkan pewarna dan gunting ujungnya

so next time will use below recipe for the marringue
sumber: suzinor RNet
1 biji putih telur
200gm gula icing yang di ayak ( Ini mungkin tak habis pakai )
1 sudu besar tepung jagung
air lemon & air masak sejuk
1. Pukul putih telur hingga kembang
2. bila dah kembang berbuih masukkan gula sedikit2. Tengok pekat mana kita hendak.
3. Masukkan tepung jagung & pukul lagi
4. Masukkan air lemon lebih kurang 1 sudu teh. kita kacau & tengok pekat mana kita nak. Kalau kita nak cair supaya bila kita pipe atas cookies cantik berkilat tambah air sikit2 sambil kacau. Base colour tu icingnya cair sikit dari outline.
Suzi selalu dah pukul banyak ising tu ambil 1 sudu utk campur colour & air kacau sebati & tengok boleh letak as base dia tak. Yang lain Suzi biarkan pekat sebab nanti nakguna yang pekat untuk outline.
Cookies mesti dah bakar masak dulu & sejukkan sebelum letak royal ising. Ada 2 kaedah nak bakar royal icing ni.
1. Letak base royal ising & bakar dalam 1 minit api 100-150C. Kemudian keluarkan & letak outline guna royal ising pekat & bakar lagi dalam 1 minit.
2. Kaedah 2 ni kaedah orang malas macam kak Suzi ni. Letak base royal ising biarkan kering ( bila dah letak sampai 30 biji bayak dah yang kering) & pipe royal ising outline yang pekat. Lepastu bakar sekali ajer 100-150C selama 1 minit.

Strawberry Coated with chocolate

Ini pulak ..projek strawberry coated with chocolate. Teringin sangat nak makan...

Kek Cempedak

Buat kek cempedak ni as buah tangan ke kenduri akad nikah anak cousin husband yesterday, 9th aug09

Kek Cempedak
1 buku buttercup
1/2 cawan gula
5 biji telur
2 cawan tepung kek naik sendiri
1 cawan cempedak - ambil isi dan hiris

1. Pukul butter dengan gula sehingga kembang
2. masukkan telur sebiji sebiji
3. masukkan tepung
4. Last sekali masukkan cempedak
5. bakar pada suhu 190darjah selama 1 jam..

dah siap....
ni ha sepiring

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bread Class 19th July09

Attended Bread Class on 19th July09, at PG Cake Craft, Komtar. Wow! Interesting Class.
Though I've baked bread before just refering to the recipe, but here 've learnt the secrets and ways on how to bake 10 shapes of bread!!. A bonus given on Doughnut.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This month is my blueberry cheese tart month, as I tested to bake for orders. These tart being ordered by my sister's officemates. Here they are, with various shapes and baking color (from light color to brown!!!), with the packing.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Noerman 1st year B'day (anak Raja Rogayah)

Ini kek yang di order hari ni, buat semalam, untuk 1st year Noerman - anak
officemate saya.
Dalam ialah kek butter (dari resepi kek oren cousin saya.). A simple
decoration. Kawan minta buat kereta, sbb anak dia suka kereta... kwn minta
tayar tak buat..sbb rasa tak sesuai dgn saiz kereta yang saya
then decorate dgn smarties, choc rice. Cream is Baker Whipped Cream.
Resepi Kek Butter.
250gm buttercup
1¼ cwn gula custor
½ sudu teh ovellete
1 sudu teh esen vanila
6 biji telur
2 cawan tepung naik sendiri
2 sudu besar susu manis
sedikit air panas
1. Pukul butter dan gula sehingga kembang dan putih berkilat
2. masukkan ovellete, pukul lagi
3. masukkan telur sebiji demi sebiji sehingga habis
4. masukkan esen vanila
5. sementara itu campurkan susu manis dan air panas sehingga menjadi ¼ cwn air campuran
6. Masukkan tepung dan susu berselang seli sehingga habis.
7. Bakar pada suhu 190 darjah celsius selama 1 jam.