Thursday, July 2, 2009

Effendy Akad Nikah's Fondant Cupcake, 26th June09

Make this cupcake, requested by my mother-in-law for Effendy Akad Nikah's event on 26th June09. Baked the cake in the 25th June morning, start shaping the flowers and decorated the flowers on the cupcake, which ended at 3.00pm. Oh what a tedious work!!! Inside is baked chocolate cake, decorated with rolled fondant.
Balance of the batter, steamed the chocolate cake and ganached with white & strawberry chocolate, then slice into small pieces and place in a paper cup.
Finally make my mum-in-law happy with the outcome!!..which actually she requested to have more quantity and bright coloured red cupcake !!! Luckily she likes it...else...

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