Monday, March 8, 2010

Fancy Cookies Class - 6th Mac2010

Attended this Fancy Cookies Class on 6th Mac2010 at PG CakeCentral. Glad to know new friends here...Hamidah, Kelly, July, and sorry can't recall another two friend's name.
Learn how to bake cookies for decoration. Prepare the glaze and the fondant to decorate on top of the cookies. Though tiring (from 10am - 6pm) but really enjoyed the class.
A lot of new things recovered from this class, including the shares of infos and tips. From bottom of the heart, thanks to Instructor Pn. Zareena who puts so much effort and patient with us and the rest participants companients. Happy Go Lucky and Cheerful Class ha!!! We really had fun!!

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Mrs Kelly Walther said...

Salam Kak Ina, thank you for your help & useful idea during our cookies class. Glad to know you too,,,